After Olivia Newton-John Auctioned ‘Grease’ Jacket for Charity, Devoted Fan Paid $243K to Return It to Her

After Olivia Newton-John Auctioned ‘Grease’ Jacket for Charity, Devoted Fan Paid $243K to Return It to Her

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Australian actress Olivia Newton-John is best known for her iconic role in the musical film Grease—which is why she decided to auction off hundreds of pieces of movie memorabilia to raise money for charity last month.

The 71-year-old starlet felt spurred to donate the cinematic treasures after she was diagnosed with breast cancer for the third time in 2018.

She then put more than 500 articles of her clothing, jewelry, and film props up for auction so she could donate all of the proceeds to her cancer research charity, the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Center.

The legendary leather jacket which she wore at the end of Grease ended up selling for $242,200.

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Newton-John was stunned, however, when the jacket was returned to her once more.

Though the jacket’s buyer chose to remain anonymous to the public, he met with Newton-John in Los Angeles earlier this week so he could surprise her with the gift-wrapped jacket.

“This jacket belongs to you and the collective soul of those who love you, those for whom you are the soundtrack of their lives. It should not sit in a billionaire’s closet for country club bragging rights,” the man told an awestruck Newton-John. “For this reason, I humbly and respectfully return it to its rightful owner, which is you.”

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After getting over her initial shock, Newton-John tearfully thanked the man and gave him a hug, saying: “You’re the best, you’re the best! I’m so grateful.”

“This is the most beautiful present,” she added, “but mainly it’s your heart that I’m grateful for.”

Newton-John happily told the donor and the gathered reporters that she would finally be able to fulfill her dream of putting the jacket on display in her cancer research center.

(WATCH the emotional video below)

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