Daredevils Doing Flips on ‘World’s Largest Trampoline’ Suspended From Crane Just Proves ‘Anything is Possible’

Daredevils Doing Flips on ‘World’s Largest Trampoline’ Suspended From Crane Just Proves ‘Anything is Possible’


This vertigo-inducing footage shows a crew of adrenaline junkies enjoying their massive handmade trampoline—and they are claiming it is the world’s largest.

The viral “Dunking Devil” superstars are already famous for staging a freestyle basketball slam dunk show on a speeding train—but the Slovenian quartet’s new web series “DD Squad” proves that they have many more tricks up their sleeve.

In their latest stunt, the gang literally takes their acrobatic stunts to new heights on what they are calling the world’s biggest trampoline suspended from a crane 100 feet above the ground.

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The group spent two days building the massive trampoline using aluminum pillars, 36 nylon straps, 300 springs, 164 feet of chain and 164 feet of cable.

It was then hung from a 12-ton crane so the stuntmen could perform their “extreme” head-spinning flips with the trampoline propelling them a further 32 feet into the air.

“The feeling of floating 40 meters (130 feet) above ground protected merely by a thin web is, frankly, indescribable,” said DD Squad member Maks Veselko.


“In the beginning, your body experiences some kind of a shock, but eventually it gets used to the constant moving of the web and swaying of the crane. You can’t help but feel dizzy when you’re propelled in the air—however, the feeling is nothing short of pure ecstasy!”

Dunking Devils manager Domen Rozman added: “The building of the world’s biggest trampoline is yet another project that proves anything is possible when the right people come together.

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“The production of this video demanded a lot of planning and preparation as everyone involved had to be very well coordinated. The guys had to trust each other 100% as there was no room for mistakes!

“It was pure joy watching these acrobats fly through the air!” he concluded. “I am certain that this video featuring our extreme stunts will go viral and reach viewers across the globe.”

(WATCH the impressive footage below)

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Published at Wed, 11 Dec 2019 13:34:39 +0000