Dog Chained Up For 15 Years Finds New Home Thanks to Ricky Gervais (WATCH)

Dog Chained Up For 15 Years Finds New Home Thanks to Ricky Gervais (WATCH)

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Bear the dog may have had a mostly unhappy life, but thanks to comedian and television star Ricky Gervais, he’s off to to live in a loving home for the rest of his days.

Having spent 15 years chained up to a dog house in a Suffolk County, New York backyard, doing his best to survive harsh winters with little to no care, a call to the animal rescue group Guardians of Rescue helped him find freedom.

So on Friday, when Gervais was supposed to be doing an interview with Good Morning America about his new film David Brent: Life On The Road, the actor used his platform to make a heartfelt plea for someone to adopt bear.

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“I was here to talk about that but I’ve just discovered there’s a dog needs adopting, so I’d rather use my segment to get him adopted,” Gervais said as he scratched the ears of the recently rescued Chow and Labrador Retriever mix. “I’m not leaving until we get a phone call this guy’s adopted. He was chained up for 15 years.”

The producer of the show told the viewers to send them a message on Twitter if they were interested in adopting the pup.

“Give him a life. He’s so loving but he’s had no life. Give him two years’ bucket list. Give him love.”

Finally yesterday, Gervais posted a selfie of him and the rescue hound announcing that Bear had been successfully adopted.

(WATCH the video below)

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