Guard Squirrel Pet Goes Nuts on Burglar

Guard Squirrel Pet Goes Nuts on Burglar

Joey the Squirrel-Youtube

Joey the squirrel may not be as big as a guard dog, but he’s definitely just as protectively vicious.

Adam Pearl never suspected that his pet rodent would be much of a threat until someone robbed his house in Meridian, Idaho on Tuesday night.

After coming home to find doors opened and scratch marks around the safe lock where he kept his guns, Adam called the police.

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When officer Ashley Turner arrived on the scene, however, she was surprised to see Joey scurrying around the house. She asked if he tended to bite people.

“I said, well, he usually doesn’t bite but you never know cause he is a squirrel,” Pearl told KIVI.

The officer found the culprit and returned a few hours later with his stolen belongings.

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“She said while she was questioning the individual he had scratches on his hands so she asked him ‘did you get that from the squirrel’ and he says yeah, damn thing kept attacking me and wouldn’t stop until I left,” said Pearl.

In honor of Joey’s efficient guard work, he was rewarded with some special treats and national praise for his good deed.

(WATCH the video below)

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