In Midst of National Malaise, Brazil Becomes First Team to Qualify For World Cup

In Midst of National Malaise, Brazil Becomes First Team to Qualify For World Cup

Magic is in the South American air now that Brazil has become the first soccer team in the world with a guaranteed presence in the 2018 World Cup.

While critics may be too busy crediting the success to Tite, the new Brazilian team head coach, soccer fans are simply enjoying the beautiful plays being performed on the field.

Despite the team’s poor results over the course of the last 15 years, Brazil has always been famous for their quality of soccer. But under the command of former coach Dunga, there was a very real possibility that Brazil – which has been the only country that has been present in every edition of the World Cup – would not be able to qualify for next year’s World Cup in Russia. Then in June 2016, everything changed.

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A few months before the Olympics, Tite was hired to replace Dunga as the team’s coach. Tite started initiating deep changes; perhaps the most visible of which was ending the heavy dependency on Neymar, the team’s biggest star, to score. Positive results quickly became evident on the soccer field – and on the team’s position for the World Cup’s qualifying chart.

Now with eight victories in a row, the team under Tite’s leadership has not only gone undefeated, but they have also broken the previous record for the longest win streak that was set in the 80s.

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Furthermore, under the new leadership, Brazil has scored a jaw-dropping average of three goals per game. The current 33 points in the qualifier guarantees the South American team’s presence and – more importantly – the country’s great soccer exhibitions in the 2018 World Cup. To make things even more special, Argentina – the country’s biggest sports rival – is running a serious risk of not qualifying next to Russia.

Despite the economic troubles, corruption scandals, and other hardships currently plaguing Brazil, the soccer team is back on track, bringing joy not only to Brazilians, but soccer fans worldwide.

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(Photo by Dudu Troféu)