Puppy Rescued From Well After 11 Days is Adopted by Firefighters Who Saved It (WATCH)

Puppy Rescued From Well After 11 Days is Adopted by Firefighters Who Saved It (WATCH)

Firefighters and Puppy-Istanbul Fire Department

This sweet puppy who enraptured the nation may not have made it out of this gaping well if it weren’t for an entire community making sure that it survived.

Residents of Beykoz, Turkey heard whimpering coming from a nearby well that plunged 200 feet into the earth. After confirming that there was a small dog trapped at the bottom, firefighters, rescue crews, and animal rescue teams flooded the area to assess the situation.

A camera that was lowered into the hole showed that the canine looked frightened, but was alive and relatively unharmed.

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Then the crews established a tent surrounding the hole to make sure that no rain or water would flood the well.

Puppy Trapped in Well-Barış Şengün

Over the course of the following 11 days, the teams lowered dog food into the hole to make sure it didn’t starve. They could not, however, figure out how to get the puppy out of the well.

The crew attempted using everything from rope and pulleys, to a robotic arm constructed by local high school students – but nothing worked.

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As the story gained more and more national attention, it finally caught the eye of Energy Minister Berat Albayrak who offered the services of the Turkish Hard Coal Enterprises.

Rescuing Dog From Well-Istanbul Fire Department

The team was finally able to mechanically lasso the 3-month-old pup and haul it to safety amidst cheers from everyone present for the suspenseful rescue.

The dog was taken to the veterinarian where he was deemed healthy and unharmed by the ordeal. Local firefighters announced that they would be adopting the pup who has since been dubbed “Kuyu” – which is Turkish for “well”.

(WATCH the video below)

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