When Taylor Swift Fan Can’t Afford College Tuition, the Pop Star Sends $6,400 to Pay It: ‘Get your learn on girl!’

When Taylor Swift Fan Can’t Afford College Tuition, the Pop Star Sends $6,400 to Pay It: ‘Get your learn on girl!’

Photo by Ayesha Khurram

A Taylor Swift superfan in Canada finally has the ability to shake off her financial worries thanks to an unprompted donation from the pop star.

Ayesha Khurram is a second-year accounting student at the University of Waterloo in Ontario. Due to the province’s recent cuts to student assistant programs, Khurram had been struggling to scrape together the money for her upcoming semester.

In addition to her mother suffering from chronic kidney disease, both of her parents work low-income jobs as Pakistani immigrants—so Khurram knew that she had to raise the money on her own.

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At the suggestion of a friend, she created a Paypal account for people to contribute to her college fund. Hours after making the account, she received a donation for $6,386.47 with a note reading: “Ayesha, get your learn on girl! I love you!”

The donation, which covered the entirety of her tuition, was made by none other than Taylor Swift.

This is not the first interaction that Khurram has had with the superstar. Since Khurram first fell in love with Swift’s music as she was living in Pakistan back in 2009, the two have shared multiple social media interactions (only recently, Swift liked several social media photos that Khurram had posted of the musician’s chai cookie recipe). After Khurram moved to Ontario, she was able to see Swift in concert in 2018—and the superstar even invited Khurram backstage for a meet-in-greet.

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But Khurram never thought in a million years that her musical hero would donate thousands of dollars towards her education.

“My parents actually cried when I told them the Taylor news because they couldn’t believe it,” Khurram told The Star. “It’s like a guardian angel is watching or something.”

Photo by Ayesha Khurram

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